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Fall Fitness Challenge Winners

Results of the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge

Fall Fitness Winners

The results are in for the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge! This transformation competition took place over a 12 week period from September 24th to December 21st, 2020. Everyone who signed up for the John Hansen Fitness Challenge received a Personalized Training and Nutrition Program designed specifically for them to help they achieve their Fitness Goal over this full 12 week process.

In addition to the initial workout and diet program, each person who signed up for the John Hansen Fitness Challenge also received one on one coaching from me each week. I personally followed up with each person every week to keep them accountable and check on their progress. I also wrote out new workouts each week for my clients.and answered any questions they had so they could continue to make progress during the full transformation challenge.

Almost everyone who entered the Fall Fitness Challenge checked in with me each week to record their weight and waist and they were on top of it each week. This active participation helped me to adjust their diets and workouts in order for them to make progress each week. I was really happy and proud of the progress that everyone made during this 12 week challenge.

So, without further ado, I want to announce the top three winners of the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge. I congratulate everyone who was brave enough to take on this challenge in order to change the look of their physiques.

I am looking forward to the Second Annual John Hansen Fitness Challenge which begins on January 11th to April 5th, 2021. If you want to register to enter the next John Hansen Fitness Challenge, click on this link and get the Transformation Process started right away –https://www.johnhansenfitness.com/fitness-challenge-2/

1st Place – Nick Rizzatello

Nick really changed his life by entering this contest and changing his body. He was involved in a horrific accident when he was a police officer and, due to this traumatic event, he suffered from severe PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). After this accident, Nick was forced into an early retirement from the police department. He was on a bad rollercoaster ride for quite some time because of the severe PTSD.

Nick said that this transformation challenge may have saved his life and brought him closer to his wife. She was the only one who knew that Nick entered the contest and she helped him by preparing his food while he worked all day. Some days, Nick would go to work from 7-3, stop home to swap out his food, thermos and ice packs and go to another job from 4-9. Nick’s son also helped him by spotting him when he was training at his home gym and also taking pictures of his progress.

Nick said, “I love bodybuilding and I want to use the knowledge you have given me to inspire others and show that if you have PTSD, you can set a goal and accomplish it. God Bless you for doing this. I am forever grateful and I owe you more than I can put into words.”

As you can see from Nick’s before and after measurements below, he made fantastic progress in only three months. He dropped more than 20 pounds and he decreased his waist size from 36 3/4” to only 31 1/4”, a loss of almost six inches from his waist. Equally as impressive, Nick gained muscle while he was losing fat. He increased the size of his chest, thighs and calves so he did a great job of retaining and even building muscle while he lost body fat.

09/28/20 12/21/20
Weight – 189 Weight – 168.3
Chest – 41 1/2″ Chest – 41 3/4″
Waist – 36 3/4″ Waist – 31 1/4″
Arms – 15 1/2″ Arms – 15 1/4″
Thighs – 22 3/4″ Thighs – 23″
Calves – 14 3/4″ Calves – 15

Congratulations to Nick Rizzatello on his amazing physique transformation! For winning first place in the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge, Nick wins a copy of all three of my new books – Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends: Vol. One, Diary of a Natural Bodybuilder and The MP6 Workout. He will also receive a copy of each of my two DVD’s – Real Muscle and Bodybuilding Seminars and Competitions. Old School Labs is also awarding Nick with $200 in free supplements from Old School Labs.

2nd Place – Mario Uriel

Mario is 57 years old and he suffered a few debilitating injuries that prevented him from training and he ended up gaining a lot of body fat. He injured his shoulder in a slip and fall accident in 2017 and it took over two years to rehabilitate his injury. He had so much atrophy in his arm after this injury that he was literally unable to do normal activities like open a door, wash his hair and dress himself.

After going through therapy for his shoulder, Mario was finally able to start exercising using a bodybuilding routine. Unfortunately, he had a second accident in November of 2019 when he tripped and fell forward, using his hand to break his fall. He ended up breaking his radial bone and tearing a ligament.

When Mario started the Fall Physique Challenge, he was limited on many exercises and could only use light weights so I designed a training program using mostly dumbbells where Mario was able to still stimulate muscle and burn calories while he was dieting to lose body fat. It wasn’t easy with all his limitations but Mario was motivated to make progress.

Mario made remarkable progress, especially considering how limited he was with his training program because of his injuries. After only one week of dieting, Mario lost 3 inches off his waist! After six weeks of following his training and diet program, Mario had lost 8 pounds but his waist was 5 1/2” smaller! That’s crazy progress!

Unfortunately, Mario could not complete all twelve weeks of the Fitness Challenge because he had to have a medical procedure done in which he was not allowed to exercise at all for a month after. However, because of the remarkable progress he made in only six weeks and the dedication he showed following a program in which he had to work around all of his injuries and limitations, Mario ended up in second place in the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge.

Date Weight Waist
09/28 196 42″
10/05 193 39″
10/12 191 37 1/2″
10/18 191 37 1/2″
10/26 190 37″
11/02 190 36 3/4″
11/09 188 36 1/2″

Congratulations to Mario Uriel on changing his body so dramatically for the Fall Fitness Challenge! For winning second place in the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge, Mario wins a copy of two of my new books – Diary of a Natural Bodybuilder and The MP6 Workout. He will also receive a copy of each of my DVD Real Muscle. In addition, Old School Labs is also awarding Mario with $100 in free supplements.

3rd Place – Mike Uhlir

Mike is a former training partner of mine when I lived in Chicago. It was great to see Mike enter the contest to improve his physique. Mike started off the Fitness Challenge weighing 203 pounds with a 39 inch waist. His goal was to get leaner and ripped while maintaining his muscle mass and strength.

I started off by designing a workout program for Mike that focused on building size and strength. We added some cardio three days a week to accelerate the fat burning. I was increasing the weights Mike used each week so he was progressively using more intensity as he got leaner.

Mike’s diet was the most. Important part of the transformation process. Once we found the optimum amount of calories that would allow Mike to lose fat while simultaneously building muscle and strength, he was able to make progress each week.

Mike lost the greatest amount of weight of all the competitors in the Fall Fitness Challenge. He started out at 203 pounds and finished at 175 pounds, a loss of 27 pounds. He also lost a lot of body fat, decreasing his waist by five inches, from 39” to 34”.

09/28/20 12/21/20
Weight – 203 Weight – 175
Chest – 42″ Chest – 41″
Waist – 39″ Waist – 34″
Arms – 16″ Arms – 15 1/2″
Thighs – 23″ Thighs – 22 1/2″
Calves – 15″ Calves – 14 3/4″

Congratulations to Mike Uhlir for taking third place in the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge. For winning third place, Mike will receive a copy of my book The MP6 Workout and my training DVD Real Muscle. In addition, Old School Labs is also awarding Mike with $75 in free supplements.

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