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Summer Fitness Challenge Winners

Results of the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge

The results are in for the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge! This transformation competition took place over a 12 week period from June 15th, 2020 to September 7th, 2020. Everyone who signed up for the John Hansen Fitness Challenge received a Personalized Training and Nutrition Program designed specifically for them to help they achieve their Fitness Goal over this full 12 week process.

In addition to the initial workout and diet program, each person who signed up for the John Hansen Fitness Challenge also received personal coaching from me each week. I personally followed up with each person every week and answered any questions they had so they could continue to make progress during the full transformation challenge.

Almost everyone who entered the Summer Fitness Challenge checked in with me each week to record their weight and waist and they were on top of it each week. This active participation helped me to adjust their diets and workouts in order for them to make progress each week. I was really happy and proud of the progress that everyone made during this 12 week challenge.

So, without further ado, I want to announce the top three winners of the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge. I congratulate everyone who was brave enough to take on this challenge in order to change the look of their physiques. I hope many of you will enter the John Hansen Fall Fitness Challenge which begins from September 28th to October 1st, 2020 and finishes up right before the holidays on December 21st, 2020. I am also hoping that others will be inspired by the great transformations that the winners of the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge have achieved and will register to work with me for the Fall Fitness Challenge to finish off 2020 on a High Note!

1st Place – Amado Requena

Amado joined the Summer Fitness Challenge in order to lose body fat and get back in shape. Amado’s starting weight was 228 pounds with a 46” inch chest and 44” waist. Because of the gyms being closed in Las Vegas (where Amado lived) at the beginning of the Challenge, he was forced to do his workouts at home. Amado had the power block dumbbells, kettlebells and heavy bands for his equipment. He also had a Swiss Ball that doubled for a bench when he needed to do any exercises lying down.

I wrote up a 2 day split routine for Amado for his workouts. On Day One, Amado trained his chest, back and shoulders followed by abs, legs and arms on Day Two. Amado also did some cardio exercise first thing in the morning and then did his weight training workouts in the afternoon.

I designed a diet program for Amado that consisted of 6 small meals consisting of lean protein and complex carbohydrates. The calorie content was key to losing weight so I gave Amado the correct amount of calories along with the right ratios of protein, carbs and fats. This allowed Amado to gradually lose fat while maintaining his muscle mass. As you can see from his week to week progress, Amado was able to consistently lose fat off his waist each week. He didn’t make big jumps from week to week but it was the small progress he made each week for the full 12 weeks that really accounted for his great progress.

06/15/20 09/07/20
Weight – 228 Weight – 203.9
Chest – 46″ Chest – 44″
Waist – 44″ Waist – 38 1/2″
Arms – 16 1/4″ Arms – 17 1/2″
Thighs – 23 1/2″ Thighs – 23″
Calves – 18″ Calves – 17 1/2″
Date Weight Waist
06/15 228 44″
06/22 225 43 1/2″
06/29 223 43″
07/06 221 42 3/4″
07/20 217.5 42″
08/10 214 41″
08/17 211.8 40 1/2″
08/24 208 39 3/4″
08/31 205.5 39 1/4″
09/07 203.9 38 1/2″

Check out Amado’s Before and After pictures transformation! The results speak for themselves. Amado did a fantastic job of maintaining his muscle mass and strength while losing lots of body fat. He even added over an inch of muscle to his arms during the fat loss process. After 12 weeks of following a workout and diet program consistently, Amado was able to lose 5 1/2” off his waist shedding 24 pounds of weight.

Congratulations to Amado Requena on your amazing transformation! For winning first place in the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge, Amado wins a copy of all three of my new books – Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends: Vol. One, Diary of a Natural Bodybuilder and The MP6 Workout. He will also receive a copy of each of my two DVD’s – Real Muscle and Bodybuilding Seminars and Competitions. Old School Labs is also awarding Amado with $200 in free supplements from Old School Labs.

2nd Place – Mark Johnson

Mark wanted to change his body by both adding muscle and losing fat during the Summer Fitness Challenge. At a starting weight 154.5 pounds, Mark’s waist was actually bigger than his chest by an inch when he started the Challenge.

Mark was not on a consistent weight training program when he decided to start the Summer Fitness Challenge. He had lifted weights on and off over the years but had recently let himself go by eating and drinking too much and letting his weight get up to 185 pounds. He got down to 145 pounds by exercising and dieting but he wanted to transform his physique by simultaneously gaining muscle while losing fat. He had never used a coach before and decided to seek out my help in changing his body.

I had Mark start training on a 3 day push-pull-legs split. Mark trained chest, shoulders and triceps on day 1, legs and abs on day 2 and back and biceps on day 3. He made sure to send me the weights he used for every workout each week so I could write up new workout programs for the next week where he would be using either more weight or more reps. This use of progressive resistance each week allowed Mark to build muscle while losing fat.

Mark’s diet consisted of six small meals with the right amount of calories to lose body fat but enough of the macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) to repair and build muscle tissue. Mark also needed enough complex carbohydrates to provide the energy needed to train heavy each workout.

Mark’s strength went up each week on his workouts so he was definitely building muscle throughout the 12 week period of the Fitness Challenge. Remember how Mark’s waist was one inch bigger than his chest when he started his program? By the final week of the Fitness Challenge, Mark’s chest was 3 inches bigger than his waist. You can definitely see the difference in the Before and After pictures.

06/15/20 08/10/20 09/07/20
Weight – 154.5 Weight – 145 Weight – 140.5
Chest – 35 1/4″ Chest – 35″ Chest – 33 1/2″
Waist – 36 1/4″ Waist – 32 3/4″ Waist – 30 3/4″
Arms – 13 1/2″ Arms – 13 1/2″ Arms – 13 1/2″
Thighs – 24 1/2″ Thighs – 22 1/2″ Thighs – 22″
Calves – 14″ Calves – 13 3/4″ Calves – 13 1/4″
Date Weight Waist
06/15 154.5 36 1/4″
06/22 153 36 1/4″
06/29 154 36 1/4″
07/06 153 33 3/4″
07/13 152 33 3/4″
07/20 151 33 3/4″
07/27 150 33 3/4″
08/03 147 33″
08/10 145 32 3/4″
08/17 145 32 1/4″
08/24 144 32″
08/31 144 31 3/4″
09/07 140.5 30 3/4″

Congratulations to Mark Johnson on changing his body so dramatically in only 12 weeks! For winning first place in the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge, Mark wins a copy of two of my new books – Diary of a Natural Bodybuilder and The MP6 Workout. He will also receive a copy of each of my DVD Real Muscle. In addition, Old School Labs is also awarding Mark with $100 in free supplements.

3rd Place – Caleb Maston

Caleb was also looking to get rid of body fat and shape up when he joined the Summer Fitness Challenge. Caleb was training on a limited workout program and he needed some guidance on what to eat in order to build more muscle and lose fat.

I started by increasing the amount of sets and days that Caleb was training. By working out four days a week and using more exercises to train each muscle group, Caleb would be using a little more volume and expending more calories during his workouts. He would also be able to build more muscle by demanding more from his training sessions.

Caleb was also eating six meals a day on the new diet plan. I tried to keep as many of the same foods as he was eating before in order to make the transition to the new program as comfortable as possible. I don’t like having people eat foods that they don’t like or are not used to eating because that makes it more unlikely to stick with the program for all 12 weeks.

Caleb also made remarkable progress during the Summer Fitness Challenge. The biggest change was in his waist size. Caleb lost a remarkable seven inches of fat off his waist in only 12 weeks.

That’s really amazing progress. Caleb was losing a full inch off his waist approximately every two weeks.

Caleb was also able to maintain his muscle mass during this 12 week period and his strength actually went up. By following the right diet and increasing the intensity of his workouts each week, Caleb was able to lose fat while building muscle.

06/15/20 09/07/20
Weight – 261 Weight – 244
Chest – 49 3/4″ Chest – 46 1/2″
Waist – 49″ Waist – 42″
Arms – 16″ Arms – 16″
Thighs – 25″ Thighs – 24 1/2″
Calves – 16″ Calves – 17″
Date Weight Waist
06/15 261 49″
06/22 259 48″
06/29 256 46 1/2″
07/06 254 46″
07/13 250 46″
07/20 250 46″
07/27 248.5 44 1/2″
08/03 246 44″
09/07 244 42″

Congratulations to Caleb Maston on taking third place in the John Hansen Summer Fitness Challenge. For winning third place, Caleb will receive a copy of my book The MP6 Workout and my training DVD Real Muscle. In addition, Old School Labs is also awarding Caleb with $75 in free supplements.

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