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Transformation Process

How the Process Works

Changing your body from a “Dad Bod” to a “Ripped Bod” is more than just about losing weight. We have both muscle and fat tissue on our bodies and the best way to Transform our Physiques is to lose fat while simultaneously adding muscle.

Getting out of shape is really not that difficult. Working too many hours at our job, eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise can quickly add body fat and decrease muscle mass before we realize it. As we begin to accumulate excess fat, the metabolism slows down and our body weight goes up even more. It doesn’t take long until our bodies change so much, we can’t even recognize ourselves anymore.

Muscle tissue is a valuable commodity on the human body. It adds shape to the physique, increases the metabolism and creates a stronger, healthier you. Most diet programs focus only on losing body weight and not transforming the physique. Low calorie diets that are focused on weight loss tend to lose just as much muscle as fat. This results in a slower metabolic rate, less energy and, after it’s all over, you end up looking like a smaller version of the same body you had in the beginning.

By following a Customized Eating Plan, designed specifically for your body (including age, activity level, height, weight, previous training experience, etc), you will begin losing excess body fat without the loss of muscle tissue. Each meal you eat will help to increase your metabolism, feed the muscle and starve the fat cells.

Working in conjunction with your Customized Eating Plan is a Customized Exercise Program designed to stimulate and build muscle tissue while reducing body fat. By utilizing a progressive resistance weight training program using the best exercises for the correct amount of sets and repetitions, you will build muscle and add strength to your physique. The change in your appearance will be dramatic in as little as a few weeks of following a proper weight training program in conjunction with a correct eating plan.

In addition to following a weight resistance routine, you will also be employing a cardiovascular program to lose body fat without sacrificing valuable muscle tissue. Doing the right amount of cardio at the best time and at the correct intensity will guarantee maximum fat loss.

Putting all these factors together will bring the maximum results in the fastest time!

If you would like to get started on your Total Body Transformation, purchase a program and fill out the Training and Nutrition Questionnaire to take the first step in changing your body.

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