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Special – MP6 Workout and Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends – Volume One


The MP6 Workout is an Advanced Training Program for those who are interested in getting both Bigger and Stronger. This program is based on the concept that a “Bigger Muscle is a Stronger Muscle”. Building bigger muscles by training with progressively heavier resistance is a proven concept that bodybuilders throughout history have proven works. The MP6 Workout system consists of training cycles that are specifically designed to increase strength first and muscle mass second. By using specificity of training to develop more power, you will be able to use more resistance to build greater muscle mass by training for the optimum number of repetitions for hypertrophy. The MP6 Workout Book will demonstrate how to set up workout cycles for Power and Mass. Each cycle lasts six weeks and you will learn how to design your own workout routine to include the Best Exercises, use the right number of sets to avoid overtraining and emphasize growth and the right amount of repetitions for each muscle group for both Power and Mass.

Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends – Volume One recaptures the glory years of bodybuilding. This was the era in which legends such as Schwarzenegger, Oliva, Zane, Robinson, Szkalak and Mentzer battled it out on stage for the biggest titles in the sport. These iconic confrontations are captured in illustrious detail, showcasing the colorful personalities with their larger than life physiques who fought hard won battles in the gym before displaying their bodies onstage to the delight of their limited but enthusiastic and loyal fan base. Some of the most exciting bodybuilding competitions in the history of the sport are included along with the amazing bodybuilders who became legends. Read about the iconic battles between The Myth and the Austrian Oak, the backstage politics, Frank Zane’s rise to the top of the sport, the fiercely independent Kal Szkalak and the inside scoop of one of the most controversial contests ever, the 1980 Mr. Olympia.